The Best Way to Use a Hot Pressing Comb

The Best Way to Use a Hot pressing Comb,

Make sure to dry your hair completely before using this heated tool because your hair is vulnerable and prone to heat damage when wet.


Detangle your hair with a regular comb before using the Hot pressing Comb, to avoid pulling the hair out by straightening it too vigorously. Detangling will also remove loose hair strands and make straightening easier, faster, and more efficient.


Select the temperature that is appropriate for your hair type. If you have thick, very curly, or coarse hair, set a higher temperature and work with smaller sections of the hair. Make sure to comb slowly and repeat if necessary, to get the desired look.


Hold the ends of your hair while slowly moving the Hot pressing Comb through the parted sections.


After you have done, place the Hot pressing Comb on a heat-resistant surface and let it cool.



 Why Use Hot Pressing Combs?

First, is it’s safer and healthier on the hair compared to chemical straighteners. You don’t expose your hair to hazardous chemicals that can potentially break and damage your hair – this mechanical way of straightening does not require any product.You’re in control.

Second, you have more control in terms of getting all the parts of your hair straightened – this includes more control on your bangs, the hair on your nape, and baby hair that can’t be straightened by contemporary flat irons that are all the rave today.


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