How to curl your wig with FRIZZ Hot comb-The best hot comb for wigs

The best hot comb

Hot comb for wigs-When it comes to curling and straightening your hair, there are many ways of doing it. Some go for chemical treatments and blow-drying, others may like to use a curling iron or a straightening iron. However, all these methods are not only time-consuming but also damaging, specifically, if you are habitual of keeping your hair curly or straight. With the advancement in the cosmetic industry, curling and straightening hair has become simple and easier because of the availability of the best hot comb for wigs that is FRIZZ hot comb. This tool keeps your hair curly, straight, shiny as well as detangles it.

Even though the hair comb that curls and straightens hair involves heat, but it is much safer as compared to other Hot comb and flat iron options in the market. FRIZZ hot comb is the best hot comb for wigs, it is the most affordable hair curler and straightener for in-home hair curling and straightening.

How to curl your wig with FRIZZ hot comb

It is very very important to put the heat to 10 that’s about 150c using high heat can cause the hair to look dry

To start curling your wig you have to grab a little section of the wig, Hold the comb with your left hand facing inward use your right hand to wrap the hair in between the comb, hold it for five seconds and unwrap the wig

Moving on when curling the right side of the wig, hold the comb with your right hand facing inward, use your left hand to wrap the wig in between the comb hold it for five seconds, and unwrap the hair.

In closing, remember tо always use a heat protector on your hair. This is very important to ensure that no damage is done during this process. You can also use the hair wax stick to get an extremely shiny result. Also, try to match the Hot comb to your specific hair type or work with the heat setting to get an amazing result. The FRIZZ hot comb is the best choice to create a  beautiful salon-quality hair Style. You deserve it!

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