Advantages of Hot comb over Flat Irons For Your Wig

Advantages of Hot comb over Flat Irons for your wig

Advantages of Hot comb over Flat Irons for your wig

1. If it takes you forever to style your wig in the morning, a heated comb is a great way to go. An electric hot comb is much faster than a regular flat iron. You will be able to finish styling your wig in half of the time that it takes to style your wig with a regular flat iron.

2. You can take much larger sections of the wig and it will require fewer passes to get relatively straight than with a regular straightener. When using the comb, you can smooth the entire section of the wigs in 2-3 passes. With a flat iron, you need to run it 4-5 times through each section.

3. Your wigs will look naturally straight, not “pin” straight or flat like after flat ironing.

4. A heated comb doesn’t reduce volume, making your wigs flat as a regular flat iron does.

5. A straightening comb helps to straighten your roots as you can get closer to your scalp than when using a flat iron.

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